Daily Devotion

May 18, 2024

Weaving A Basket Of Faith (Part 3)

“She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” Proverbs 31:26 


Many people today say their kids won’t serve God because we’re “living in perilous times.” Even though our culture and nation have grown far from God we can still build a basket of faith to protect our families. Like Moses’ mom in Exodus chapter 2, we can protect our children and place something in them that will empower them to resist the traps of the enemy.


Mothers be encouraged because every time you “train your children up” by saying “no” when the world says, “just compromise, and let them do what they want to do” you are weaving a basket of faith. Every time they get mad because you have set high standards and a high mark that you expect them to live up to, you are paving the way for them to have a great future. 


The day will come when your kids will leave your house. They can leave your protective eyes and instructions but they will never be able to leave your “basket” because your “basket” will go with them. And when the enemy comes after them they will have a covering of protection. All the peer pressure of college won’t be able to overtake them because they will be grounded in the truth of God’s word.


There will be times you will have to correct your children and set boundaries for them that they may not understand. But you have to stay in their lives and in their business. Ask them who they are texting and who they are friends with at school. You’re not being unreasonable, you are being involved. You are teaching them how to live their lives in a way that honors God.


The Bible says, “When Josiah was 8 years old, he began to reign as king of Israel.” From the age of 8 until he was 16 years old, Josiah single handedly brought revival to his nation! He turned the nation upside-down and destroyed every idol to Baal. His mother didn’t know when he was in “the basket” that by the age of 8, he would be called upon to do such mighty things. By the time he was 26, he had brought temple worship back to millions of people. He had restored the temple, lifted up and built altars and led the people to honor God again. By the age of 39, the Bible said about Josiah, “There was not a king in Israel like Josiah before, or after Josiah.”


In other words, as great as King David, King Solomon, and King Hezekiah were, the Scripture says “In God’s eyes, there was not a king greater before or after Josiah in God’s eyes.” Why? Because a mother provided “a basket” for an 8 year old child that would become a 16 year old mighty man of God. At 26, he still had ‘the basket’ covering that enabled him to make the right decisions, and by the time he was 39, he had become a world changing leader.


Don’t underestimate the potential of your kids. You don’t know the great and mighty things God has planned for them. Mothers be bold enough to build “that basket” of faith by fasting and praying for your children. Share the word of God with them, bring them to church, and live a life of consecration before them. Then when you release them into the world, there will be something about them that will repel the attacks of Satan. God never left baby Moses alone in that river, and He will never leave your son or daughter alone either.


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