Daily Devotion

Victory Unfolding (2)

February 26, 2014

Joshua understood the words of Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” God instructed him to tell the people of Israel to be quiet. Joshua knew that if they didn’t remain silent, they would whine and complain their way out of a crucial victory.

The cost of whining and complaining wasn’t new to Joshua. About 40 years before the battle of Jericho, a young Joshua returned from spying out the Promised Land. He and Caleb were confident that the people of Israel could take the land, just like God had said. But the other spies disagreed. They told everyone there were giants in the land who couldn’t be defeated. And soon, the people began to talk themselves out of the victory that God was ready to give them.

They refused to step into the greatest victory God had ever given His people. He already had crops and vineyards planted, herds of cattle fattened, wells dug and homes built for the Israelites to inhabit. All they had to do was be quiet and receive God’s victory. Instead, their murmuring and negative talk got them a 40-year camping trip in the desert.

Today, you need to know, if God has told you He’s unfolding a victory in your life — BE QUIET! Because there’s a victory in progress. In every problem, in every home, in every marriage, with every child, just because you aren’t seeing change doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. If God has made a promise over your situation, the worst thing you can do is to open your mouth and begin to talk doubt and unbelief into it. Speak life into all of your problems!

There is a victory unfolding in your home, in your Church, in your finances, in your future, in your children. The only time you need to speak is when you’re saying, “Thank You, Lord You’re going to work it out. Thank You, Lord that victory is unfolding in my life.” Other than that, BE QUIET! There’s a victory in progress.