Daily Devotion

Think God picked the wrong person?

October 7, 2020

“We are well able.” Nu 13:30 AMPC


One Sunday evening, Mary Southerland was in church when a stranger tapped her on the shoulder and told her she was called to be the music and youth assistant for the church. She thought he had lost his mind! She had just graduated from college with a degree in elementary education, and a friend had invited her to attend the church and sing in the evening service. That’s all—or so she thought. When the service ended, her friend said, “You should at least pray about his offer.” She did. “Here I am thirty years later, an unlikely servant, who lives in constant amazement at God’s plan for my life.” We let our weaknesses and insecurities dictate the course of our lives, when all the time, God is looking for ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We’re always making excuses for why we can’t get involved in church, or in the community, or in helping others. Chances are, on your own you don’t feel capable. Few people do. But Paul points out: “[God’s] power works best in [your] weakness” (2Co 12:9 NLT). When Moses sent twelve spies into Canaan to check out the opposition, ten reported, “We have no chance, the giants are too big” (See Nu 13:28 AMPC). But the other two disagreed with the majority report, and said, “Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able.” God sees you as “well able,” not because you are powerful, but because He is. With Him on your side you can rise up with confidence, knowing you are well able to overcome. God sees you as a winner, and an overcomer who can accomplish great things because of the talents and power He has placed inside you.

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