Daily Devotion

November 15, 2023

Stop and ask for directions

“The Spirit of truth…will lead you…and …tell you what is to come. Jn 16:13 NCV


Making decisions without seeking God’s guidance is like trying to fly without radar and a compass. You can do what makes sense based on your past knowledge and experience, but what “looks right” can end up destroying what’s most important to you. The Bible says even the most profound human thinking is foolish to God (See 1Co 1:18-20). He alone knows the way, and He wants to go ahead of you. It’s a mistake to assume that every opportunity that comes along is from God. Paul says, “Satan changes himself to look like an angel of light” (2 Co 11:14 NCV). And while his invitations are packaged to look like he has your best interests at heart, his way invariably leads to ruin (See Jn 8:44). God’s Word was designed as “a lamp for [your] feet and a light for [your] path” (Ps 119:105 NCV) to guide you in the ways of righteousness. That’s why it can be fatal to pursue a path that seems right to you without first consulting Him. Jesus said, “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will lead you into all truth. He will not speak his own words, but…only what he hears, and he will tell you what is to come” (Jn 16:13 NCV). The truth is that most of us don’t naturally seek God. It’s only as His Spirit speaks to our hearts that we start desiring His will. Take time to seek the Holy Spirit’s direction. Trust Him. He understands the ramifications of your choices. He will show you “the big picture” and help you stay on the right road.