Daily Devotion

Obedience (3)

March 14, 2014

What are the requirements God has outlined for us? If you want to live a life of obedience in God’s eyes, you must:

Make prayer a part of your lifestyle. Stay in constant prayer and communication with God. Too many Christians wait until they get into trouble to pray. When your child is hanging out with the wrong people or when you get bad news from the doctor, you pray. Prayer is like compounded interest. If you do just a little every day, the impact will be compounded. When you commit to pray every day, you’ll be stronger and more powerful spiritually than you can imagine.

Reading the Bible regularly is a required assignment for a Christian. I believe it is more beneficial to pray 15 minutes a day and read your Bible 15 minutes a day than to occasionally go on a weekend long binge of studying God’s Word. It is that daily feeding from Scripture that will encourage you and strengthen you. With a daily dose of God’s Word in you, you will be empowered to resist temptation and move forward in God’s purpose for your life.

Commit to your family. God has called us to be loyal and loving to our spouse and to raise our children to know and love God. It takes time to do that. Don’t allow your career and pursuit of success to interfere with spending quality time with your family, taking your family to church, and having family prayer and devotions.

Be faithful to God’s commands. Look to Scripture for God’s clear mandates. Things like being part of the fellowship of believers, tithing, and more are the ABCs of maturing as a Christian. The more you read God’s Word, the more clear His commands become to you. A willingness to obey is the key.