Daily Devotion

August 17, 2018

Is Your Name in the Book?

“Only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life will enter.” Rev 21:27 NCV


One night in 1912, Titanic, the largest passenger steamship in the world and considered by many to be unsinkable, struck an iceberg and sank in the icy Atlantic. Many people died. Following the disaster the scene outside the White Star Line office in Liverpool was one of anxiety and grief as friends and relatives of those on board the ill-fated vessel thronged the building. On both sides of the main entrance notices were posted. One said, “KNOWN TO BE SAVED”; the other said, “KNOWN TO BE LOST.” From time to time a company official walked out with a piece of paper which contained the name of another passenger. When he held it up, a deathly stillness swept over the crowd as loved ones of the missing waited to see which side he would write the name on. The day Jesus was crucified, God looked down from heaven, wrote “KNOWN TO BE SAVED” on the cross, and started writing names in “The Lamb’s Book of Life.” And the message of the cross hasn’t changed. You don’t have to be a scholar to understand it. In fact, most people who come to Christ don’t know a lot about the Bible. All they know is they need a Savior, and God loves them. All you have to do to receive eternal life is repent of your sin and put your trust in Jesus. The instant you do that, God writes your name “in the Lamb’s book of life” and you become a member of His family, guaranteed a place in heaven. And it can happen for you today.