Daily Devotion

November 20, 2016

Is God directing you to Zarephath?

“Go at once to Zarephath…and stay there.”              1Ki 17:9 NIV

The stream Elijah had been drinking from dried up and the ravens that brought him food every day stopped coming. When that happens God’s trying to get your attention! He’s getting you ready to move. Next God sent Elijah to an impoverished widow in the town of Zarephath, assuring him that she’d feed him. That must have been difficult for a leader who was used to ministering to others. Elijah found the widow in the middle of a famine, cooking one last meal for herself and her son. Nevertheless he challenged her to obey God, promising, “There will always be flour and olive oil…in your containers until…the Lord sends rain and the crops grow” (v. 14 NLT). What gave Elijah the faith to say that? Because he’d proven God’s faithfulness in his own life! You can only talk in faith when you walk in faith. And associating with people of faith is contagious; it builds your faith. That’s what happened to this widow. She and her son may not have eaten a five-course meal every night, but God made sure that for the duration of the famine they had all they needed. So if you don’t have everything you want right now, obey God with what He’s given you and trust Him that when the time is right He’ll send an increase. Notice also, the faith of both the widow and the prophet was tested. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned believer, tests of faith will keep coming your way. Is God directing you to your own personal Zarephath today? Don’t argue! “Go at once,” because His blessing hinges on your obedience.