Daily Devotions

Invest in your children

May 26, 2021

“Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly.” Job 8:7 NKJV


The Lazy B ranch sits on two hundred and sixty square miles. Most of it is scrub brush, and it’s been in the Day family since 1881. When Harry and Ada Mae Day had their first child, a baby daughter, they traveled two hundred miles to a hospital for the delivery and brought her home to a difficult life. The four-room adobe house had no running water or electricity, and there was no school within driving distance. You would think with such limited resources, the little girl’s future might be limited. But Harry and Ada Mae were determined their children would have the best education possible. They subscribed to metropolitan newspapers and magazines, and read to their child hour after hour. When her daughter was four years old, Ada Mae began her on the Calvert method of homeschooling and later saw that she went to the best boarding schools possible. One summer they took their children on a car trip to visit all the state capitals in America west of the Mississippi River. When young Sandra was ready for college, she went to Stanford University, then on to law school, and eventually she became the first woman justice to sit on the Supreme Court of the United States of America. So the word for you today is—invest in your children. And be willing to start small, otherwise you won’t start at all. Instead of dwelling on what you don’t have, use what God’s given you and He will bless it. Stand on this Scripture for your children: “Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly.”

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