Daily Devotion

April 7, 2013

“I Matter, Because God Loves Me”

“We are God’s masterpiece.” Eph 2:10 NLT

The fear of being nothing but a big zero can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It works like this. When it’s time to go for a job interview your fear kicks in and you think, “I’ll never impress them; I’ll look stupid. They’ll ask me questions I can’t answer.” A mouse in a lion’s den has better odds of success. So you fail miserably, and descend yet another level into the basement of self-defeat. Or consider the girl who’s asked out on a date by a good looking guy. So good looking, that she wonders what he sees in her. She’s sure that once he gets to know her, he will drop her. So insecurity drives her to use the only tool she trusts, her body. She sleeps with him on the first date for fear there won’t be a second, and she ends up feeling like the disposable woman she didn’t want to become. The fear of insignificance creates the very result it dreads, and arrives at the very destination it tries to avoid. Stop! You’re disagreeing with God! You’re questioning His judgment and second-guessing His taste. His Word says He can’t stop thinking about you. If you could count His thoughts of you, “They would be more in number than the [grains of] sand” (Ps 139:18 NKJV). Why does God love you so much? For the same reason an artist loves his paintings. “We are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.” So when you get up each morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I matter, because God loves me!”