Daily Devotion

How to get your prayers answered (3)

April 5, 2016

“Walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us.”

Eph 5:2

Do you show a loving attitude? The Bible says, “Walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us.” Your mouth is such a major part of your love walk. We fail to realize how much we can do for people by building them up with our words. And we need to be even more careful not to say things that tear them down. The Bible says “the heart is deceitful above all [else]” (See Jer 17:9). What vibes are you giving off? What are you “putting out there”? When we’re too busy to show love—we’re too busy, and it’s time to examine our heart motives and attitudes. How do we do that? By examining our tongue, and what’s coming out of our mouth. Do you remember the last time you went to the doctor and he asked you to open your mouth and say, “Aaah”? The reason they ask you to do that is so they can examine your tongue. Just like your tongue tells a physician a lot about your physical health, it can tell you a lot about your spiritual health. To get answers to your prayers you must search your heart in three areas: (1) Learning to abide in Christ. This will bring you to a higher level of spiritual maturity and help you discover the authority you have in prayer. (2) Speaking in line with God’s Word. This can move “mountains” in your life (See Mk 11:23). (3) Growing in your love walk. This opens up powerful opportunities for you to show others who God really is.