Daily Devotion

November 14, 2016

He’s always a step ahead (3)

“No plague will come near your home.”                   Ps 91:10 NLT

For nine-year-old Keith Pulles, winterizing the family swimming pool signaled the end of summer. He writes: “I watched glumly from the window as Dad opened a jug and started dumping chemicals into the pool. Then he got another jug and added more stuff. ‘That’s a lot of stuff to put into the pool,’ I thought. Just then the phone rang and I ran to check the caller ID. ‘Unknown name, unknown number.’ Mom and Dad had warned me about talking to strangers, but that day a voice inside said, ‘Pick it up!’ The urge was so strong I lifted the receiver and said hello. ‘May I speak with Steve Pulles, please?’ I didn’t recognize the voice. Probably a telemarketer, but something made me say, ‘Hang on. I’ll go get him.’ I went outside, phone in hand, and shouted, ‘Dad! Phone!’ He walked around the side of the garage from the backyard and took the cordless phone from me. ‘Hello? Hello? Who’s calling?’ he hollered. A couple of seconds later he took the phone from his ear and turned it off. ‘Nobody there,’ he said. Suddenly there was an enormous boom from the back yard. ‘The pool!’ Dad shouted. It turned out he’d mixed two chemicals he shouldn’t have. The mixture exploded out of the water, leaving toxic fumes…if Dad had been out there at that moment he could have died. Unknown caller? I don’t think so. The person on the phone that day certainly had our number.” The Psalmist said, “No evil will conquer you; no plague will come near your home.” Today, God’s protecting you and your loved ones.