Daily Devotion

February 24, 2022

Have confidence in your prayers

“We are confident…he hears us.” 1Jn 5:14 NLT


A leader wrote these words: “My dad was a busy man…to get him at work you had to go through a switchboard unless you knew his private number. He gave it to a few business partners, but all of his kids had it…We knew, no matter how busy he was, we could call anytime on his direct line. I’ve the same thing…my kids know my number…they can call me anytime for anything. And you know what? No voices sound sweeter to me than my kids’ voices. When one of them says, ‘Hi, Dad,’ it doesn’t matter what I’m juggling…they’re an absolute priority…Now multiply that out exponentially—and listen to me. Nothing sounds sweeter to God than your voice saying, ‘Hello, Father.’ There’s nothing going on in the cosmos that would keep Him from directing His full attention to your conversation or your request.” That means when God is your Father, you can call home anytime. He is never more than a prayer away! Jesus said: “Ask, and God will give to you…If your children ask for bread, which of you would give them a stone? Or if your children ask for a fish, would you give them a snake? Even though you are bad, you know how to give good gifts to your children. How much more your heavenly Father will give good things to those who ask him!” (Mt 7:7, 9-11 NCV). You can talk to God without begging and groveling, “confident that he hears…whenever we ask for anything that pleases him. And…he will give us what we ask for” (1Jn 5:14-15 NLT). So, whatever is robbing you of your confidence in prayer, deal with it today.