Daily Devotion

June 27, 2018

God Will Protect You

“He has rescued Daniel from the power of the lions.”                  Da 6:27 NLT


One Bible teacher writes: “There have been times when I wanted God to rescue me from certain pits, but He didn’t. Why? Because He wanted me to learn that His grace was sufficient inthe pit. The question is never, ‘What will God do when all around me spells destruction?’ The question is, ‘What will I do?’ I may not be able to conquer the lions, but I don’t have to—that’s God’s job. Daniel said, ‘My God sent his angel, and…shut the mouths of the lions…because I was found innocent in his sight’ (v. 22 NIV). I may not be able to stop legislation from being enacted against me, but like Daniel, I can call on my God. ‘He prayed three times a day’ (v. 10 NLT). Stop exhausting yourself fighting the Enemy and the conditions around you; they are too many. Just lean on God and be innocent of the charges made by those who are jealous or afraid because of your position with God and man. God didn’t rescue Daniel fromthe pit; He delivered him from the power of the enemy while he was inthe pit. The lions were still there when Daniel left, waiting for their next victim. But they had no power over him—and as a redeemed child of God they have no power over you either. Daniel went on to prosper in the kingdom, and that’s what God plans for you too.” The Bible tells us, “He rescues and saves his people…He…rescued Daniel from the power of the lions.” When you walk with God you can count on Him to protect you.