Daily Devotion

August 1, 2019

God wants to tell you something

“When the Lord saw Moses coming to take a closer look, God called to him from the…bush.” Ex 3:4 NLT


Never judge a person’s potential by what they appear to be right now. Moses, one of history’s greatest leaders, was tending sheep when God called him. There’s not a corporate headhunter who would have hired him. But don’t judge him yet—he’s just between jobs. God is about to talk to him and change his life. If you’re tired of listening to everybody else’s opinions, get alone with God. He will show you things that can change your future (See Jer 33:3). At age sixty-five, after running a restaurant for several years, Colonel Sanders found himself penniless. All he had was a Social Security check of $105 a month, a recipe for fried chicken, and a vision he refused to give up on. As a result he built the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, became a multimillionaire and a devoted Christian philanthropist. The point is: It’s not over until God says it’s over! Moses nearly burned out trying to do things his own way. Then God showed up in a fire that Moses neither started nor maintained. In essence God said, “Look at this burning bush; it’s going to be you. In my strength you’ll stand before Pharaoh. The Red Sea will give way before the power that’s at work in you. I’ll give you manna in the wilderness. I’ll strengthen and sustain you all the way to your destiny.” Whatever you’re doing today, stop! Get alone with God and say, “I will now turn aside and listen to You,” (See Ex. 3:3). Once you’ve heard what He wants to tell you, your life will never be the same.


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