Daily Devotion

December 10, 2017

God uses ordinary people (2)

“Remember…few of you were wise in the world’s eyes…when God called you.”     1Co 1:26 NLT


Max Lucado writes: “Edith Hayes was a spry eighty-year-old with thinning white hair, a wiry five-foot frame, and an unquenchable compassion for South Florida’s cancer patients. I was fresh out of seminary in 1979 and sitting in an office of unpacked boxes when she walked in and introduced herself. ‘My name is Edith, and I help cancer patients.’ She extended her hand. I offered a chair. She politely declined. ‘Too busy. You’ll see my team here at the church building every Tuesday morning. You’re welcome to come, but if you do we’ll put you to work.’ Her team, I came to learn, included a hundred or so silver-haired women who occupied themselves with the unglamorous concern of sore-seepage. They made cancer wounds their mission, stitching together truckloads of disposable pads each Tuesday, and then delivering them to patients throughout the week. Edith rented an alley apartment, lived on her late husband’s pension, wore glasses that magnified her pupils, and ducked applause like artillery fire.” Edith’s story does away with the excuse, “I’m too old to do something for God.” Noah was over six hundred years old when he came out of the ark and helped to start the human race all over again. If you’re older, think about it this way: You’re a walking repository of decades of wisdom and knowledge. So before you leave this earth, endeavor to give to others what God has entrusted to you. Right now somebody, somewhere, needs something you have, and if you ask God, He will show you who they are. When He does—get involved!