Daily Devotion

June 17, 2014


“Bring them…and I will bless them.” Ge 48:9
Give your children these four things: (1) Instruction. “Do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children” (Dt 4:9 NIV). It is not the responsibility of the government or the school system to instill character and convictions in your child; it’s your job! And God will hold you accountable for it. (2) Correction. “Discipline your children while there is hope” (Pr 19:18 NLT). Children who know how far they can go are relieved of a great burden. Knowing your authority will stand gives them security. When they learn that no really means NO, they’ll be able to say it to others, and to their own impulses. (3) Blessing. “Joseph said unto his father, ‘They are my sons’…And he [Jacob] said, ‘Bring them…and I will bless them.’” Old Testament parents laid hands on their children because they believed the blessing of God was transferable. If nobody did this for you then start a new tradition, for with God’s blessing comes peace, long life and prosperity (See Dt 28). That’s why the enemy has attacked you so often; he’s trying to break the link through which the blessing of God comes. Don’t let him. (4) Example. A great preacher once looked into the crib of his infant son and prayed: “Lord, if ever You made a man, make me one now. Let my life, my example and my prayers mold him into someone You can use. And, Lord, let me die twenty-four hours before I say or do anything that would cause him to stumble.”