Daily Devotion

February 19, 2014

Get Your Hands Dirty

If Jesus can get His hands dirty to rescue people, who are we to kick them to the curb or throw stones at them? Sometimes I think we can get so comfortable being “clean” that we don’t feel like getting our hands dirty with messed-up people. We can just give up on them. We just walk away from their drug addiction, alcoholism, and sin. Maybe you’ve said, “I’ve tried everything I could do. I got you in a nine-month program, and you still can’t get your act together.” So we walk away.

But not Jesus! He says. “Oh, you’re down again? Oh, you’re high again? Oh, you’re drunk again? Let Me stoop down again. Let Me touch you again. Let Me get my hands dirty again and again and again and again!”

Do you remember what you were before grace found you? Somebody had to get their hands dirty; somebody had to keep on reaching down for you. Don’t ever get so clean that you won’t get your hands dirty for other people. Even if they fall again and again, then stoop down again and again. Show them you’ll get your hands dirty, and go right back after them! Love them even more, and give grace a chance! Maybe there’s someone in your life who needs to be showered with grace instead of stones. Keep reaching out to them the way His grace keeps reaching out to you.

The worth of any object is determined by what a person is willing to pay for that object. You are of great worth to God. When He looked at us, silver and gold were not enough to pay the price. He said, “They’re worth more than silver and gold to Me. They’re worth My only Son’s blood being shed.” If you ever wonder if God loves you, Calvary is His answer to that question.