Daily Devotion

July 9, 2013


“Joseph opened the storehouses [barns] and sold grain to the Egyptians.” Ge 41:56 NIV

Barn people. God used Joseph to feed the nations during a time of worldwide famine. When Pharaoh’s advisers couldn’t interpret his dream, Joseph did. He actually gave Pharaoh a plan that would not only feed Egypt during seven years of famine, but also feed the world and cause Pharaoh to come out of this crisis a richer man. When you serve God He can give you information about the future. He can give you not only the wisdom to survive, but thrive when you’re in a recession. But you can’t build such a relationship with God overnight! Joseph’s journey to the throne of Egypt led him through years of delay, detours and discouragement. He experienced betrayal at the hands of his family, temptation and slander at the hands of his employer’s wife, false imprisonment, years of waiting and wondering when God would fulfill His promise to make him a leader. But he never doubted God. And you must not either! If God can take an ex-con like Joseph and make him the prime minister of Egypt, no obstacle and no enemy can keep Him from fulfilling His promise to you.
So, if you’re a bag person, “consider your ways” and start putting God first in your finances. If you’re a bin person, “be not afraid,” give, and God will give back to you. If you’re a basket person, place what you’ve got into God’s hands and watch Him multiply it. If you’re a barn person with a heart that longs to meet the needs of a hurting world, nothing your enemies do will stop you.