Daily Devotions

Fishing lessons (2)

May 11, 2021

“He and all who were with him were astonished at the catch of fish.” Lk 5:9 NKJV


Lesson two: God is interested in your success. Peter knew Jesus was a great teacher and that He could even heal the sick. What he was about to learn, however, was that Jesus wants you to succeed in your career. Peter probably had the best nets, owned a good boat, and knew exactly where to catch the most fish. And his income depended on a good catch. But after fishing all night and catching nothing, Peter made the best move of his life: He got Jesus involved in his business! Did you know that God wants you to succeed? Don’t you want your children to succeed? So does God. The question is: Do you take God to work with you? Is your business available to Him to use at any time? Is He able to minister to people through you? Too often we try to separate the secular from the spiritual; we have our Christian life nicely partitioned off from our career. But this prevents God from blessing your business or job. When you realize this, if you’re wise you’ll begin to operate according to the principles of Scripture. Here’s one of God’s success principles for your business or career: “Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do” (Jos 1:8 NLT). God, who’s the CEO of the universe, says: “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit, who leads you by the way you should go” (Isa 48:17 NKJV). Today claim that promise!

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