Daily Devotion

December 30, 2014

Fight for Your Marriage

“Marriage should be honored by all.” Heb 13:4 NIV

When asked the secret of his long, happy marriage, Henry Ford replied, “It’s the same formula I’ve used in making cars: stick to one model and never quit trying to make it better.” Pretty good advice, eh? Read the following words carefully: “It wasn’t one action or one word, but a series of little unresolved spats and quarrels that now makes TV the solution to the problems of a hard day, and silences us when we should say, ‘I’m sorry,’ or ‘Thank you,’ or ‘You look really nice.’ Today I no longer tell you I love you because the sound of those words mocks the special meaning they once carried. Now it’s too painful to remember that those feelings we said we’d never lose were, tear by tear, left in the past.” What happened? He gets wrapped up in his job, hoping to shore up his self-esteem by being impressive at work. She gets wrapped up in the kids; she may have a job as well. And so they pass each other in the driveway and the hallway. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can decide to fight for your marriage. It will take time. You’ll have to give up certain activities that are important to you. It will require some practical vehicle such as setting a date night, taking a walk, pulling the plug on the television, or just sitting at the table and talking to each other after dinner. But if you’re willing to change your schedule and your ways, and if necessary start from scratch believing that a good marriage is worth it, you can win.