Daily Devotion

March 12, 2012

Don’t Be a Fool (3)

“Died Abner as a fool dieth.” 2Sa 3:33

The absolute fool. Abner slew a man called Asahel, whose brother happened to be Joab, King David’s number one general. So Joab was out to take Abner’s life. The tragedy of this story is that Abner was within reach of Hebron, one of the six cities of refuge. But instead of running into that city and enjoying its protection, he allowed the enemy to catch him outside the gates and kill him. “They buried Abner in Hebron: and the king lifted up his voice, and wept…and said, ‘Died Abner as a fool dieth?’” (vv. 32-33). Abner was the absolute fool. Why? Because unlike the atheistic fool who did not believe in God, or the ambitious fool who had no time for God, he knew what to do—but didn’t do it. There were no rivers to cross, no mountains to climb, and no price to be paid. The gates of Hebron were open; all he had to do was go in and stay there.

Imagine being given a gospel tract with these words on the cover: “What must I do to be lost?” Then opening it and finding that page is—blank. You don’t have to do anything to be lost! But you must do something to be saved: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” (Ac 16:31).

When Mary brought the newborn Christ to the temple, an old priest named Simeon held Him in his arms and said: “Now I’m ready to die, because I have seen the Savior of the world” (See Lk 2:25-32). In order to die right you must meet Christ, embrace Him, and acknowledge Him as your Lord and Savior. Why don’t you do it today!