Daily Devotion

August 21, 2019

Blessed for a purpose!

“Afterward they will come out with great possessions.”  Ge 15:14 NIV


When the children of Israel were leaving Egypt, God transferred the wealth from one nation of people to another. And He did it overnight. That’s because His people were called to fulfill His purposes in the earth. After 400 years (ten generations) of making bricks, polishing brass, and sweeping floors, God said in essence, “It’s payday! All that stuff you’ve been scrubbing and shining is going to be yours.” The greater the affliction, the greater the abundance! Let’s be clear, the Bible teaches that money isn’t offensive to God; the misuse of it is! One pastor says: “Money speaks. It says to land, ‘I can own you.’ It says to buildings, ‘I can build you.’ It says to vision, “I can fulfill you.’ It says to a missionary, ‘I can support you.’ It says to poverty, ‘I can feed you.’ And it says to opportunity, ‘I can accept you.’” Why did Pharaoh pursue the Israelites? To get back the wealth of Egypt. Stop and think about that! The Devil doesn’t care who gets the money, as long as it doesn’t go to God’s people or fulfill His purposes. Satan dreads the thought of a generation of prosperous believers committed to reaching the world with the gospel. And he will keep us enslaved to ignorance if he can. “But I‘m not a slave,” you say. How about slavery to debt, or hopelessness, or fear, or old habits? God wants to set you free from anything that keeps you from fulfilling His will. Once you realize that, you’ll start to pray in earnest and believe God for the resources to do it!


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