Daily Devotions

Be willing to learn from others

February 9, 2017

“Happy is the man who finds wisdom.” 
Pr 3:13 NKJV Certain people can make us feel “less than” when we’re in their company, but truly wise and mature people never try to do that. If you’ve had a bad experience with this, don’t allow it to drive you back in defeat. If you don’t stand near a ruler, you won’t be able to measure your growth or monitor how much you’ve developed. Whatever successful people know, they haven’t always known it—they had to learn and grow too. So don’t pretend you know what you don’t know. It’s best to speak genuinely and sincerely, asking questions when appropriate. Most successful people enjoy a chance to discuss and share what they know, so take advantage of this. Fear of rejection keeps us from going forward in life and in relationships. You’d be surprised how many people limit themselves to socializing only with those who are comparable to them. They feel uncomfortable the moment they’re surrounded by people who are different from them. An important part of your development occurs when you decide to cross the tracks and relate to people who are ahead of you in some way. These relationships create a chance for you to grow. It’s not wrong to lack knowledge; it’s wrong to be unwilling to learn. Joshua learned the principles of good leadership from Moses. Ruth learned how to find the right relationship by listening to Naomi. Make this Scripture a guiding principle of your life: “Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding.”


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account_circle Rochelle Ollivierre

This is so true.I often feel as if I am not good enough to talk to certain people because I think they are better than me.

account_circle Samantha Hughes

I love this!

account_circle Esther Tan

Amen. Praise the Lord

account_circle Agnes Onyango

Amen. God does speak loudly. Thanks for this devotion. Very timely am ready to step in a go beyond my comfort zone with the help of the Holy Spirit

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