Daily Devotion

May 22, 2012

Are You Drifting Off Course?

“Cross-examine me, O Lord.” Ps 26:2 TLB
The story’s told about a guy called Bill who telephoned his boss and said: “I believe you’re looking for an experienced, talented, hard-working manager for your front office. I’d like to apply for the job.” The boss replied, “We already have someone in that slot and he’s doing an excellent job. By the way, your voice sounds familiar. What’s your name?” The guy replied, “It’s me, Bill; I was just checking up on myself!” You need to check up on yourself regularly. The Bible says, “We must listen very carefully to the truths we have heard, or we may drift away from them” (Heb 2:1 TLB). That word “drift” should set off alarm bells. It doesn’t happen overnight, but slowly and imperceptibly you drift off course and end up in places you never thought you would be—places you may not be able to get back from. An airplane flying just one degree off its assigned flight plan can end up hundreds of miles from its destination. And if it’s out of fuel, it’s only going one place—down. Knowing his propensity to drift and to turn a blind eye to his defects of character, the Psalmist prayed: “I have tried to keep your laws and have trusted you without wavering. Cross-examine me, O Lord…test my motives and affections too. For I have taken your loving-kindness and your truth as my ideals” (Ps 26:1-3 TLB). Notice the words “cross-examine”! Cross-examine what? (1) Your motives, or your reasons for doing things. (2) Your affections, or the things toward which you are being drawn. Are you drifting off course?