Daily Devotion

November 9, 2023

Are you dealing with relationship problems?

“The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again.” Pr 24:16 NLT


When it comes to handling relationships, we all have our pluses and minuses, strengths and weaknesses. So to survive and flourish in a relationship, we must learn to persevere. Even when we have done the best we can to lessen our potential for failure, we must still be ready for it. If we stay mired in self-defeat, guilt, and shame over missed chances and incorrect choices in one particular relationship, we will never encounter the freedom to sustain our other relationships. One pastor says: “To counter that, I allow myself a 10 percent ratio for failure in a relationship to work out the way I thought it would.” That’s good advice! So with that in mind, promise yourself that no matter what circumstances occur, or which relationships fail miserably, you will survive. You will arise, learn from them, draw closer to God, and if nothing else, thank Him for the blessings that still remain in your life. And when you consider them, you will notice many! When you think about the long list of gifts that remain in your life even in the middle of difficulties, losses, and frustrations, you’re better able to see the big picture and not just the current trouble in front of your eyes. Gratitude is a sure remedy for self-pity and despair. Thanksgiving lifts you back to a position of seeing your relationships and life more clearly. Question: Do you really want this relationship to work? If so, commit to praying for the other person, loving them unconditionally, and investing in them. When you do that, trust God to do the rest!