Daily Devotion

November 25, 2013

A lion on a leash

Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
-James 4:7

Jesus has already defeated Satan.

The Pilgrim’s Progress is considered by some to be the second best-selling book after the Bible. If you have read it, you may remember that Christian was approaching a narrow passage as he traveled toward Porter’s lodge for the night. In the narrow passage he saw two lions. He was very afraid and considered turning back, fearing that nothing but death was before him.

But the porter at the lodge, whose name was Watchful, perceived that Christian was about to turn back, so he cried with a loud voice not to fear the lions because they were chained and could do him no harm. Christian then cautiously walked into the narrow passage, trembling with fear. He heard the lions roar, he felt their hot breath on his flesh, but they did him no harm because they were indeed on the chain. Christian arrived safely on the other side.

I have good news for you about the devil: Satan is a lion on a leash! The devil has power, but his power is limited. He appears often as a roaring lion, but remember, this lion is on a leash.

Give thanks to God today for keeping the lion on a leash.

Heavenly Father,
I give You praise and thanks for protecting me from the enemy. I am blessed and grateful that You hold me safely in Your arms. Amen.