Daily Devotion

July 29, 2016

A Life Worth Remembering

A hundred years from now, people won’t remember what type of car you drove. They will not think about the house you lived in or whether or not a gate guarded your community. Your social status and work title won’t cross their minds, these things just don’t last. James refers to our lives as but a mist, a vapor that is here today, and tomorrow . . . vanishes.

Now think about your own life. Are you stressed out from spinning your wheels, working yourself to the point of exhaustion? Do you find yourself going above and beyond, only to feel like you come up short? God didn’t design us to work just to make money. No our work is our worship. Our worship is what holds eternal value.

God has already placed you behind a pulpit. Did you know that? Your stage may look a little different than that of a Sunday morning church service, but it is there nonetheless. Are you a construction worker? Your stage most likely is covered in dust. A teacher? Yours happens to have a whiteboard behind it, and a set of eager eyes before it. Maybe you’re a mom, well in that case—buckle up! Your pulpit never leaves you.

You see we don’t need to wait for God to open up doors at a church to be effective in eternal work. Each day we have the opportunity to bring Heaven unto Earth, and when we do—we build upon our legacy. Ironically, it is the hidden things that send the ripple effect out into a life of significance. The prayers, the right decision making, even amidst inconvenience. Sharing the Gospel, not just with our words, but also with our LIVES. That lasts far beyond a century.

Your pulpit is here and now. Your life is a prepared message, and it is time to share. It can be scary at first, but most things worth having take a bit of courage to achieve. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop spinning your wheels, working so hard for the self-fulfillment that never seems to show up to the party?

In the great juxtaposition of Christianity, the way to gain a life worth remembering, is to loose it. Surrender every aspect of your world to the Lord, be bold and courageous with sharing your testimony with anyone in your path, and watch Him pour out a blessing so great you will not be able to contain it.

Do that and I assure you, you will be remembered.