December 19, 2021

Kentucky Tornado Relief with Jason Crabb and Covenant Community Relief

On Friday and Saturday, December 8th and 9th, a devastating string of tornadoes tore through 6 states across the southeast, killing at least 88 with over 100 still missing.

Free Chapel and Kingdom Connection are partnering with two major ministries and their team of 700 volunteers to provide much-needed disaster relief resources to those with the greatest needs. Already, thanks to friends and partners like you, we have been able to dispatch $100,000 to Jason Crabb Ministries and Covenant Community Church to meet these urgent needs and do what we can to support those on the ground. Here are some of the projects we have been able to impact significantly in the early days of the aftermath of these devastating storms.


Jason Crabb Ministries:

Dry storage for the personal property that wasn’t destroyed

Temporary housing for the uninsured and the underinsured

Transportation- many lost their means to even go to work 

Daily living needs- gas, shelter, food, necessities for hundreds

Infrastructure- replacing electric poles so that power service can be restored

Funeral expenses for dozens who did not survive

Assisting with rebuilding efforts for uninsured or underinsured loss of church facilities


Covenant Community Church:

Relief Benefits- Currently processing over 400 applications for substantive assistance

Generators- Over 65 generators distributed and tracked with 100 more needed now 

Gas cans, totes, storage containers, tarps, diesel cans, hand-warmers, propane tanks

Fork-lift rentals 

Porta potties and dumpsters

Food for lunches and dinners in the Housing and Urban Development area of Mayfield 

Heavy equipment and construction crews are now heading to this area in the coming week 

Ministerial Benefits- There are multiple churches and pastors who have lost everything 


We can’t do everything but with your help, we can do something powerful as we hold up the arms of those on the front lines. Please consider donating today to help us partner with our trusted friends and be a part of one of the greatest rescue and restoration events in modern history.




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