Help tornado victims

Help us support Kentucky families in need. Many communities have never faced a crisis of this magnitude, and we know it will take years to recover.

One of the tornadoes was about a mile wide and laid a 128-mile-long path of wreckage – the longest ever recorded.

The death toll stands at 88 but officials fear it will continue to rise and thousands are still without power – struggling to come to grips with what’s happened and what they’ve lost.

Kentucky Devastated

Kentucky was the worst-hit state by far in an unusual mid-December swarm of twisters across the Midwest and the South that leveled entire communities. We are standing ready to respond at a moment’s notice with ministries on the ground. Recovery has already begun but with the death toll rising and the overwhelming extent of damage coming into focus, it’s clear more help is needed in the forms of relief and restoration. Your gift today will help our ministry partners on the front lines of this crisis – providing food, water, daily essentials, and the tangible love of God to families who have literally lost everything.

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Kentucky Devastated Kentucky Devastated
Kentucky Devastated Kentucky Devastated

"We can’t do everything but we can do something."

You Can Help Save Lives in Kentucky


We are partnering with ministries on the ground including Jason Crabb and Dr. Michael Knight to deliver hope, healing and restoration to hurting people in this time of crisis.

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