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December 17, 2021


Jentezen Franklin & Free Chapel family:


Thank you for your offer to help my home community in Kentucky after the devastating tornadoes ravaged it Saturday night. The loss of life, homes, churches, and infrastructure is heartbreaking. Families were ripped apart from the twister; husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and children were found dead in the rubble. And, some took their last breath in their friend’s or loved one’s arms. Babies were literally sucked out of their mother’s arms as they held on to them for protection. It’s hard to paint a picture of what I saw and heard when I visited the area yesterday. 


Some supplies are beginning to come in for which they are so grateful: tarps, water, nonperishable food, clothing, etc. There are still many more needs. Here are a few:


Dry storage for the personal property that wasn’t destroyed

Basic temporary housing needs for the uninsured and the underinsured. 

Vehicles. Many lost the transportation they need to even go to work. 

Cash for daily living needs - gas, shelter, food, necessities.

Infrastructure – paying to replace electric poles so that power service can be restored to their property. 

Funeral expenses. 

Over 200 homes/families need immediate financial support. We would like to offer an initial grant of $500 to help each of them begin putting their lives back together.  


You all are amazing and one of the most generous groups of people I know. Anything you can do for my people would be greatly appreciated.  God Bless You All!


Jason Crabb & Team



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