You Haven't Seen God's Best Yet

October 21, 2022

In Luke 24, Jesus showed the nail prints on his hands and feet to show his disciples what can give and where he can take them. We serve a giving and sending God and he is saying to you today, “Handle me and see.” There are still things he wants to give you and places he wants to send you. Will you look at Jesus today and receive what He wants to do in your life?


Key Scripture:

Luke 24:36-43


Key Points:

  1. You have not seen God’s best yet. Right when the disciples thought it was over, Jesus showed up in their midst and showed them even more.
  2. Never learn to live without less than God’s best. Never settle for good when God has the best. Jesus only shows you more when you handle him and do not stay complacent.
  3. Jesus doesn’t define you by your mistakes, He defines you by his nail-scarred hands. You don’t have to live in failure, disappointment, or defeat. What the enemy meant for evil, God will use to make you the envy of other people; he recycles bad decisions.
  4. God chose you because you are you. God is not interested in anyone else doing what He’s called you to do. All you have to do is handle Jesus again.
  5. God is still at work.
    1. Anything He has done before, He can do again.
    2. Anything He has done anywhere else, He can do right here.
    3. Anything He has done for others, He can do for you.
  6. God’s hands are bigger than your hands. You might be able to do a little, but God can do even more. Look at Jesus’ hands and see what He can do with your life when you put it in His hands.


Final Thoughts:

Handle Jesus again and see what he can do when you put your faith in him. Put God first in your life and see what He wants to give you and where He wants to take you. He is not done with you yet!


Reflection Questions:

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