Sermon Notes

March 27, 2022

You Can't Do Nothing

It is so obvious that something is happening in the world right now. When you see Ezekiel 37, 38, and 39 happening right in front of your eyes as Russia rising up and even China (the king of the East) and the king of Persia, which is Iran and even Syria on the move---you see biblical prophecy in living color and right in your living room on your television. These events disrupt the world and these powers see an opportune time to move. Couple all of this with the US seeming weaker than ever before and the time is right for the enemy to unleash his final assault. Are you ready? Are you preparing? Have you enlisted in the fight?


Key Scripture
Judges 5; Matthew 9:37, 20:6-7


Key Points

1. The Book of Revelation is a story about victory. The Book of Revelation is a story about Jesus conquering, not the kingdom losing. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord when all is said and done. No matter what we see in the natural, in the end, we win. Which side are you on? You cannot be a passive observer---you must declare your intentions.

2. God is finished with evil. God has had it with right being called wrong and wrong called right. God is moving in a forceful way across the world today. Wake up, pay attention, and join the fight. 

3. Even the earth trembles when God is on the move. The signs in weather and earthquakes and fires are evidence that God is on the move. The earth is trembling because God is moving.

4. God is not defeated and neither are we. We overcome and we triumph now and always. 

5. God will send His angel down to curse those who do not come to the aid of His cause and His people. This includes me and you. Too many of us are sitting on the sideline ... and God sees. As for you and your family, who will you serve? Are you serving?


Groups Question

God has declared war on evil and He is calling you to take your place in the fight. Enlist! Get involved and invest your time and your life in this cause. Where are you investing your time, your talents, and your offerings?

1. There is no neutrality in the end times. He despises lukewarm Christians. He is looking for those who will stand and fight. 

2. Our greatest battle is boredom. Most Christians profess Jesus as Lord, but then do little to help the mission of the church. Tell the Lord that He can use you. It’s time to declare which side you are on. God has a call on your life in these last days. 


Group Question

1. What are you doing with your idle time? Are you spending it or investing it? How are you investing your life in kingdom causes right now?


Do what you can do. Every church has a help wanted list. We need you. God is calling you to do what you can do. Enlist and find your place to serve.


2. Specifically, how are you serving in your church? Are you? 


3. Are you willing to do something small?


We are a giving church---if we will love the people nobody wants, God will send the people everybody wants. Find your place to serve today. Start giving today. 


4. Tough question: Are you giving? Why or why not?


Final Thoughts

At a time like this, don’t stand on the sidelines with your hands in your pocket. Find your place to serve. Give like you have never given before. Surrender your life to a cause that is much bigger than you—and take up your place on the wall in this fight. See the signs that are happening all over the world and recognize that we could be in the last days. Jesus is coming soon. What will he find when He comes for you? 


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