Work Is Worship – Part 2

May 13, 2016

Every year around Christmas, Radio City Music Hall opens its doors to the world-famous dance troupe, The Rockettes.

Known for their identical height, synchronized kicks and beauty and grace, they never disappoint. Impeccable excellence is what makes the show so spectacular. But what would happen if one dancer was consistently late on her high kicks? What if she showed up with stains on her costume? The brutal reality is, she would be fired and replaced. There is a line—100 long—of girls vying for her spot. Opportunity for these elite dancers is based on their ability to perform with excellence. No excellence? No opportunity.

The same goes for us as evangelizing believers. Our opportunity is dependent upon us doing the thing God has put in our hands, and doing it well. Grace is a beautiful thing, but it does not give us the luxury to become complacent.

Think about it, if you are consistently unreliable, lax and disinterested in what is before you, who is going to want to buy into the faith you claim motivates you?

Do you know that being unreliable, lax and disinterested is sinful? It may not be one of the Ten Commandments, but James 4:17 in the Message Bible makes it very clear,

If you know the right thing to do and dont do it, that, for you, is evil. 

Did you catch that? When we do not give ourselves fully to that thing God has entrusted us with, we are willfully walking in disobedience.

But on the flipside, when you hold yourself to a higher standard and consistently go the extra mile, people will desire what you have, therein lies the greatest opportunity for any Christian; a receptive heart.

Greatness on the job earns you much more than money or recognition. Greatness hands you respect, and respect delivers influence. Influence then gives you a platform to share your faith, and you know what? When true faith is lived out in excellence, it is attractive. People want it!

The good news is God is not looking to fire or replace anyone! We will all miss a kick a time or two, but what matters is the consistent pursuit of doing things well. After all, God didn’t hold back in giving us His best, it is the least we can do to give Him ours.