Sermon Notes

May 5, 2023

Which Team Are You On?

There are only two teams, and you are cheering for one of them. There is only team Heaven and Hell. There is no in-between. And if you are undecided, you are on Team Hell by default. If you have not received Jesus Christ as your savior, you are on Team Hell. Whose team are you on?

Key Scriptures:

Exodus 32:16, 26; Acts 2:1-2, 14; Genesis 19:1; 1 Samuel 4:13; Genesis 4:30; Isaiah 14:13; Matthew 4:1-11; Luke 4:34; Matthew 26:9; Acts 3:6; John 16:33; Matthew 3:11-12; Acts 7:55-56; John 10:28-29; Romans 8:38

Key Points:

  1. You can tell whose team you’re on by how you dress. If you’re on Team Heaven, you can’t wear whatever you want. Men and women must dress modestly. What you wear reveals what team you’re on.
  2. Sound is spiritual, and Hell wants as much of it as it can get. The world wants to get louder and louder with its message of immorality and perversion while the Church gets quieter. Get loud with praise and be vocal about your faith. Make some noise!
  3. Every time we have church, it’s a battle for thrones. Team Hell wants the pulpit because what is preached changes the culture and the world. If Satan can’t silence the preacher, he will try to silence the congregation.
  4. Stand up. If you’re on Team Jesus, you need to stand up for what’s right despite what’s popular or controversial. Team Hell wants you to be quiet, sit down, and just leave things alone. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.
  5. Get worship in your blood. Abel was such a worshipper that it got into his blood, and God heard its cry. Get praise on the inside of you and fight your battles with your hands lifted.
  6. Snakes don’t have voice boxes. Judas never got loud for anything besides social justice. When Mary broke the alabaster box at Jesus’ feet, Judas complained that it could have been used for the poor instead. Social justice is not the primary message of the Church, the Cross is.
  7. Take joy even in tribulation. Real fans don’t just cheer when their team is winning but also when they’re losing. Jesus has already won the World Championship, and all you must do is praise Him.
  8. You are in God’s hand. If you’re on team Heaven, God has you and your family in His hand, and nothing can snatch you out of it.
  9. God loves a cheerful giver. Just like sports fans cheerfully spend money on expensive tickets and food at the concession stands, fans on Team Heaven cheerfully give to the work of the ministry.


Final Thoughts:

You are either on Team Heaven or Team Hell. If you haven’t made a stand for Team Heaven, you are on Team Hell by default. But if you are on Team Heaven, it changes everything about you; it changes how you dress, talk, and even spend your money. If you’re on team Heaven, God has you in His hand, and you can rejoice even in tribulation.