Where Is God

October 10, 2021

Job was searching for God at a time when he had lost everything, but he could not find him anywhere. But even when he could not find Him, he never ceased to love Him and worship Him. He declared with His words that the trial he was enduring would ultimately refine him and make him like gold. Even though he could not feel God or hear God, he knew God was still there. That’s all he needed to know. It did not stop him from searching for God and his faith did not depend on his connection or lack of connection. He trusted God because he knew He was there and would never disown him.


Key Scripture
Job 23:8-10; Romans 11:34; John 11; Romans 8:28


Key Points
1. When I can’t see God, He can see me. He knows the path that you are on.

2. When He tries me, I shall come forth like gold. My circumstances will not change my devotion, because I will still trust Him. Declare that trials and tough times will only reveal your love and devotion to God.

3. The mark of maturity is when everything goes wrong, your spirit stays right. You draw near to Him even more.

4. Never let go until He blesses you. Hang on, even in the darkest of times. He is there and He continues to bless and carry you. Don’t let go and don’t give up.

5. We are living epistles. We are the living evidence of faith when we go through tough times because people are watching us, waiting to see if we will stay faithful when things fall apart or when tragedy strikes.

Three Lessons from the Story of Lazarus
1. God is still working. Even when things seem finished, God is there bringing something new to life. You haven’t seen everything God is up to.

2. God’s delays are always deliberate. God doesn’t work on our timetable, but He is never late. Be patient. God is working on something greater. Trust the process. a. God needs people to go through things so He can use us to comfort others with the comfort we have been given. b. If God has delayed it, it is because He is working on a greater miracle. c. You are thinking about “healing” when God may be up to “resurrection.” d. The further you fall, the higher you bounce.

3. God cares. Don’t ever think Jesus is distant and unfeeling. In the case with Lazarus, Jesus wept. God knows our pain. God has felt the weight of your sin and the depth of your grief.

a. God is moved by the things that cause us distress

b. The school of pain and the school of comfort are necessary places and processes if you are to be used by God in a greater way.

c. You must learn to believe the words you have taught to others.


Final Thoughts
Suffering will never leave you where it finds you. It will leave you bitter or it will leave you better. Life is like a puzzle, it is always incomplete until the final piece is placed in that final whole. Likewise, as good as a biscuit is, to eat its contents one ingredient at a time would be an awful experience. It’s not until you mix all the ingredients together that you have the taste, texture, and intention of a biscuit. God works ALL things together for good, but it’s the working of all things together that has to happen for the individual pieces of the puzzle to make sense. The full picture is not found in the individual pieces. God is working ALL things together in YOUR life for good (Romans 8:28). Trust God in all circumstances and all situations. He is always there, and He is always nearer than you think.

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