Sermon Notes

September 13, 2021

This is Not Your Final Chapter

We overcome when we say, “What the Word says, the Word does.” When this is our testimony, we experience victory! You don’t have to be a victim when Jesus is fighting for you. God will bring your victory to pass. He is always writing the next chapter of your life.


In the Bible there were scribes in the throne room of the king. They wrote down what the king said so that future generations could learn their history and learn from their mistakes. God is ready to write a new chapter for your life. And He’s writing your life based on old truths—what He did for them, for the people in the Bible, He can do for you. Get your pen and be ready for your next chapter.


Key Scripture:
Revelations 12; Jeremiah 36:2-27; II Kings 25; Judges 5:14; Luke 4:20-21; John 8:3-10, 20:21; Psalm 45:1


Key Points:

1. Take good notes when the King talks. When you know you hear from the Lord, write it down. The responsibility is yours after the King has spoken. Do more than just read - pull out the pen. 

2. Remind the King what He said. Use your notes to remember what God has promised.

3. Believe that God can do what He did before on a fresh new page of your life. He is writing your story based on old truths.

4. Change the period to a comma. Take the old truths and apply them to your life today. Get your pen out and be ready to write the new story.

5. Do not live in the history books. Live in the outpouring of THIS generation. Get your pen ready so you can write what’s about to happen. He’s not just the God of yesterday, He’s the God of your today and your tomorrow.

6. Your tongue is your pen. Change your words to match what the Lord speaks over you. Your tongue is the ready writer for your future. Speak life and hope and purpose on the days of your life that have yet to be lived.


Final Thoughts:

Are you serious about growing in the Lord and growing in your faith? If you are, then get your pen in hand, and get ready to hear a Word from the Lord about your next chapter. It’s not over! Your future isn’t defined by the confines of your physical body or society or anything besides Jesus. Jesus knows your name, and He wants to write a different story for your future. Your tongue also writes your future, so be careful with the words you choose. Speak life over your future. If you can see it, speak it. Whatever God whispers in your ear, speak it out loud over your life. It’s time for a new story to be written—your next chapter. Choose your words wisely and listen up. Jesus is about to speak over you.


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