Sermon Notes

The Secret to Being Blessed

When a church, nation, or individual chooses to bless Israel, a supernatural blessing comes back on that church, nation, or individual (Genesis 12:3). God is watching every church, every nation, and every individual to see how they treat Israel because the way we treat Israel affects the way God treats us.


Key Scripture:

Genesis 12:3; Psalm 121:3; Genesis 30:27; Luke 7:1-10; Romans 11:18; John 4:22; Isaiah 66:8; Genesis 45:1; Zachariah 12:0; Romans 9, 10, & 11; Genesis 15


Key Points:

It doesn’t matter how powerful or secure you are, all of that can change in just one storm. Likewise, it doesn’t matter how low your station in life is, if you will bless Israel God will bless you.


God will bless others because you bless Israel, even when you aren’t Jewish. When you bless Israel, your reward will be unto you and others as well. 


If we will show love to the Jewish nation in our actions and deeds and resources, the Messiah will come to that nation. When we bless Israel we pave the way for the gospel to be presented and for revival in the Holy Land.


Honor your roots. Salvation is of the Jews. All of our spiritual foundations and founding documents were built and written by Jews. Our roots are what undergirds the church today—Judaism, the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the story of Jesus. 


We can’t just honor the Jews of the past and neglect the Jews of today. Our connection to the nation of Israel is critical to God’s plan today. 


Reflection Questions:

1. Do you ever consider or reflect on the connection between all that is happening in the nation of Israel and your faith or your life today?

2. How has Pastor’s message on Israel opened your eyes or added to your understanding of the way your life is connected to Israel?

3. How can you bless the nation of Israel today? (if you get stuck on this, see Psalm 122:6)


Key Points: 

The Jews have come into the land of Israel three times. Today God stands ready to reveal Himself to His own people, the Jews. They are blinded right now, but not for much longer. 


The Book of Revelation is not a horror story, it’s a book about how we overcome! We neglect the teaching in the Book of Revelation but it is critical to our story.


The signs of the times reveal that we are closer to the end than most people realize. God has record books and He will remember everything you have done. Never grow weary of doing good and of blessing Israel. 


Group Question:

Would your group be interested in a guided study on the Book of Revelation and end-times prophecy? If yes, contact the Small Group Coordinator at your campus for suggested resources. 


Key Points: 

Our job is to reveal God’s love to the people of Israel. There are so many ways to bless Israel. Pray God would reveal to you how He wants YOU to bless Israel. 


The secret to the favor of God is to find out what God wants to bless and bless it; this is how you find the blessing and the favor of God. 


Final Thoughts:

We need to read Revelation and come under godly teaching about the prophecies of God. God is coming soon. Are you ready? You must be born again to be right before God when He returns, or if you pass before He comes. Your eternal destiny starts with one decision—the decision to follow Christ. 


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