The Profile of a Giant Killer

February 12, 2016

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

The Wizard of Oz may be one of the most infamous giants in American filmmaking. His voice thundered through green smoke and dancing flames. His petty subjects stood below, captivated in fear. That is, until the day a curious Scottie pup tugged on the green, velour curtains, and his true identity was unveiled. The great and powerful Wizard of Oz was neither great nor powerful; just a creative coward with control issues.

You know, our own giant often presents himself the same way. He thrives in making himself appear larger. As cowards often do, he strikes when we are at our lowest, in the trenches.

When you’re in a pit, ledge-standers seem a whole lot bigger. But in every pit, there’s a ladder. Its rungs read AUTHORITY. Climb it, and you will find you are on level battleground with an already defeated foe. We have a choice on how long we reside there allowing the enemy to loom over us.

We see this clearly in the life of David. Others measured the giant against themselves, but David measured him against the God he served. When he stood against Goliath, he was not clothed in fear. No. The only thing David adorned himself with was a small slingshot of faith and an understanding of where he gained his authority. That was enough.

In light of ourselves, we will always lose. Oh, but the glory lies when we measure our giants in light of God! David knew this. And he focused on the end result. He knew when he defeated Goliath, there were great rewards waiting on him. He wrapped his fingers tightly around his slingshot, his faith steadying his hand. While others laughed at his apparent ignorance, he stood assured. Lifting it to his eyes, he pulled the strings back, aimed and released. You know how it ends.

Your giant may be hiding behind a smokescreen intimidation, or it may be staring you in the face in the form of a lost job, a broken heart, a stubborn addiction . . . The list is endless, but the truth remains the same for all who want to accept it. The power that raised Christ from the grave lives in you. It is the power that resided on David as he brought down Goliath, and its right there waiting on you. Its His battle to win.

Climb the ladder today. Pick up your slingshot of faith. Rip open that curtain. Aim, and let the stone fly. There is a yellow brick road in your future that leads to greater rewards than you can imagine!