Sermon Notes

March 5, 2015

The Need For Revival

Do you know that revival in the church is always dependent on the hearts of the believers, the saints? That’s you!

Week after week, we are humbled to witness individuals meet Jesus for the first time. These genuine encounters are unmistakable and gripping. Tear-stained faces, quivering lips and beautiful brokenness. The sight never grows old.

But let me pose a few questions: When is the last time you, as a believer, broke over your sin like one of these new converts? When was the last time, instead of letting these sinners pass you by, you joined them? Have you found yourself unmoved? Indifferent to the things of God? If we are not careful, the “sin of familiarity” will become a real disease in our pews! We have become too normalized to the miracle of the cross.

When we have full seats and empty altars, we need revival. When the majority of our congregation become spectators, and the minority are worshipers, we need revival. Evangelism is vital, but it is not until it is coupled with revival that a church thrives.

You see, when an unbeliever recognizes his or her need for grace and comes into a saving relationship with Christ, that is evangelism. Whereas, when a believer recognizes that same need for grace never stops , there we experience revival. If we could combine the zeal of the new convert with the maturity of the saint, then we have something going on! That is when a church grows!

Revival is dependent on the heart of the saints and it starts with you, with me! If we want to see revival, we must step back into the beautiful brokenness of our initial encounter with Him. I encourage you, reflect on His faithfulness throughout your life. When we consistently walk in humble repentance and the Holy Spirit’s power, we will undoubtedly ignite revival in the body of Christ once more!

Will You not revive us again; that Your people may rejoice in You? Psalm 85:6(NKJV)