Sermon Notes

February 10, 2023

The Danger of Not Giving God the Glory

Whatever we do, it must be for the glory of God and not for ourselves. Satan fell because he wanted the credit for his works and did not give God the glory. He will exalt you in time, but it must never be about your power, fame, or reward. It’s always about the Lord receiving the glory in all we do. We need to take inventory and give God the glory for the many blessings we have and for the many, many things He has done.


Key Scripture:

Acts 12:21-24, Isaiah 14, Luke 4:5, 18-20; Matthew 4:49, Deuteronomy 8:18


Key Points:

  1. We must respond to an extreme attack with extreme praise and worship. When you come under the greatest attack, don’t shrink back---press in harder and praise the Lord even more.
  2. Satan can offer you fame or fortune, but you must reject anything that glorifies you and not God. Satan may even show you what you could be (like he did with Jesus in the desert), but you must refuse these offers.
  3. There is nothing wrong with being motivated and successful---but do not fail to give God the glory. Don’t say MY talent, MY treasure, MY reward. I, Me, and My must not be part of your speech.
  4. Your gifting must serve others and their greatest needs. Your gifts are not for your benefit but to be poured out on those who need Jesus.
  5. Keep your “why” in check. Why do you serve? Why do you work? Why do you give? Is it for you, or is it on behalf of the Lord? Who gets the credit for your talents or your service? YOU or GOD? Give God credit.
  6. We have one celebrity in this church---Jesus. He should be the one and only celebrity in every church.
  7. God deserves my best every single Sunday because Sunday isn’t only about you. You need to be in church, not just church for you. People are seeking Jesus, and you have a part to play each and every week. Show up. Be faithful. Your participation and service are for the lost.
  8. When God tells you to build something, it is to save lives and souls. It isn’t about your kingdom and your world.
  9. The spirit of Herod says, “I want the glory,” but the Spirit of the Lord always deflects any praise and redirects it to the Lord. Don’t take the glory. The moment it becomes about you no longer is it about the Lord.
  10. Don’t lose the wonder of God’s blessings. Don’t trade the wonder for God for worms. Don’t trade being exalting superstars for gifts of the supernatural.


Final Thoughts:

In every success, give God the glory. In every failure or attack, we must give God glory. We need to be extreme about giving God the glory. When God gets the glory, everything we do is dependent upon God showing up and providing and leading and helping. We are not warriors on a mission; we are vessels for God to move and lead and love through. I must decrease so that He might increase.