The Blessing of the Busted Nest

June 26, 2022

A nest is a safe place. It evokes feelings of security and comfort. That’s why we use the term “nesting” when we speak of mothers preparing their home for newborn babies. But God doesn’t intend for us to get so comfortable in our nest that we don’t want to leave. Even mother birds have to ruffle their nests to get their young to fly on their own. God will do the same for you and I. When we get too comfortable, too content, too complacent, God will bust up our nest to teach us to fly.


The female eagle picks her mate in an interesting way. First, she takes a stick and flies to about 15,000 feet before dropping it. Then the male comes flying, chasing after her, and in His attempt to prove himself to her, he swoops down to catch the stick. Eagles can fly up to 200 miles per hour, and he must get close nosediving from 15,000 feet to catch that stick mid-air, then bring it back to her.


Next, she chooses a much larger piece. She goes from a stick to a log and flies up to about 5,000 feet. When the male comes soaring, trying to impress her, she drops the bigger stick from a lower level, sending it racing to the ground. The suitor has to go even faster this time to catch the stick and return it safely to the female.


Just when he thinks he's finally impressed her, she swoops down and picks up an even bigger piece … basically a small tree! Then she flies to about 500 feet. Now he knows what she's about to do. She drops it. And flash! he takes off, diving down at record speed, scoops up the small tree, doing everything he can to keep it from crashing on the rocks. Then with all the grace of an eagle, he delivers it back to safety.


The question is, what is this test? What is the female looking for to convince her this is the right guy to be the father of her children? Here's the beauty: It’s the loving, caring nurturing mother who will one day stir up the nest where her little eaglets rest. And it’s the father eagle that encircles and keeps them safe. She's got to know that when she busts up the nest, and they go tumbling, falling, squawking, about to hit the rocks, that the father eagle is powerful enough, fast enough, and strong enough to catch them. THIS is how they learn to fly.


What seems most cruel can become most beneficial in our life. Some of those eaglets would never fly if momma didn’t bust up that nest. If she didn’t rustle their feathers, and push them to the edge, they would never take that dive and learn to soar the heights that only eagles know. We want to blame the enemy for interrupting our picture-perfect lives, when sometimes it’s God saying, “Take the risk, leap out, trust Me.”  If we don't learn that lesson, we’ll misunderstand and think God is being cruel when the truth is, He's pushing us to go higher.


You may feel like you’re tumbling and falling; like your nest has been busted, the bottom has fallen out, and your comfort zone is out of sight, but you have a Father who can fly faster than you can fall. You may fall, but you will not be destroyed. You may be cast down, but you will ultimately find the loving arms of God rescuing you, and taking you up where you belong. So don't lose heart! Don’t just run … fly! Don’t just glide … soar!


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