Sermon Notes

July 18, 2021

Tell the Time Traveler to Keep on Traveling

In the time of David, the law of hospitality kept families from refusing travelers, whether they were beggars or noblemen. But you didn't have to invite them into your home... In this message, we see how the traveler represents thoughts that come, sometimes uninvited, into our minds. But whether or not we entertain and feed those thoughts is up to us. The enemy is bombarding us everyday with negative, immoral, and destructive thoughts. The thoughts you choose to feed are the ones that will grow.  Scripture gives us the tools to be victorious over our thought life, but the choice is yours. Here's a few key points from this message to help you tell those unwelcome thoughts to keep on moving!


Key Scripture:
II Samuel 12:4; II Corinthians 10:5; Philippians 4:8; Romans 8


Key Points:
1. The traveler represents evil and wrong thoughts. We live in a world that floods us with evil thoughts of immorality, suicide, defeat, inadequacy ... The traveler is always trying to get in.

2. You can’t feed the traveler. Don’t feed wrong thoughts, starve them out. The enemy uses music, movies, and social media to invade your thought life.

3. You must guard your mind. Don’t open your mind to just anything. The enemy is after your mind. Don’t let him in.

4. You must take every thought captive. Satan has given orders to his demons to corrupt our minds. We must learn to beware of this traveler. You must win the battle between your ears.

5. Keep your eyes to yourself. The enemy is sending a barrage of evil thoughts and images to capture your attention and your mind. Don’t look. Learn to avert your eyes.

6. Put His name on your forehead. Put Jesus’ name on your brain. Filter every image and thought through the name of Jesus.

7. Put on the hat of holiness. Protect your mind. Do not toy with temptation, especially with what you watch. David talked about the Lord anointing his head with oil to keep the flies (evil and torment) out. Cleanse and shampoo your thoughts. Reject the words and the voice of your enemy. If you anoint your mind, that anointing will cover your whole body.

8. The Holy Spirit helps you defeat the enemy. There is no fear when you realize that the Holy Spirit is with you always and in every situation.


The 7 Duties of the High Priest:
1. Sweep out the ashes every morning; renew the mind. Sweep out the events of yesterday. Put on praise and worship and prepare your mind for a new day. Sweep out the ashes from yesterday. Put on a praise blaze.

2. Keep the fire burning. It takes a constant and consistent feeding of the fire to keep it burning and spiritually, it requires constant and consistent prayer, study of the Word, worship, and gathering with other believers to keep your spiritual fire burning.

3. Prepare the daily meal sacrifices. (Bread, or the Word, each morning and evening)

4. Offer the blood sacrifices as an atonement for sin. (animals without blemish)

5. Burn the incense. (type and shadow of praise and worship today)

6. Wear the ephod. (The Urim and Thummim to determine God’s will for major issues before the people)

7. Offer prayers and intercessions for the people.


Three Ways David Fed the Traveler (evil thoughts):
1. He had a civilian spirit. David said, “Let somebody else do the spiritual battle stuff.” And in a weak moment, he didn’t win the battle.

2. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was not supposed to be on that balcony and it opened the door for the enemy.

3. He looked intently at the traveler. He didn’t avert his eyes and he kept looking. He watched continually and did not avert his eyes.


You have three gates you must guard and tend to:
1. The eye gate. What are you looking at?

2. The ear gate. What are you listening to?

3. The mouth gate. What are you speaking and saying?


Final Thoughts
There are two forces fighting for your focus: the Spirit of God and the spirit of the enemy. The one that wins the battle is the one you feed the most. You have to guard your mind. What spirit are you feeding with your eyes, your ears, and your words? You have to renew your mind every day. Sweep out the thoughts and losses of the previous day. Start each day with a clean mind, awakened to all things new in a new day. Guard your heart and your mind.


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