Sticks and Stones, Part 1

May 15, 2022

God has a plan for your life. He has a purpose for the church and you are a part of that purpose. But before God can use you, you have to be set free from a spirit of fear. All Moses had was a stick, but God used that stick to do great things. His stick represented all He had—his past, his present, his talents, his purpose, and his story.


Key Scripture:

Exodus 4:1-4; II Kings 6 (ax head story); Luke 12:48; Numbers 6:24-26, 17:8; Hebrews 9:4


Key Points:
1. You must confront your fears to do what God has told you to do. Sometimes you have to step out and take a risk and give God your “stick.”

2. If you will surrender your “stick,” God will give it back to you as a weapon. God knows your excuses but they matter not when God takes your stick and takes you through the impossible.

3. All God needs is your “stick.” Your stick is your story, your testimony, your gift or your talent.

4. Quit thinking that you are inadequate. God is looking for ordinary people who will surrender their everything to Him.

5. You must let go of your “stick” for God to use it. Don’t hide your stick or hold onto it. You must let it go for God to use it. All God needs is what He already gave you.


Reflection Questions:
1. Think about one or two of your most painful or challenging memories. Are you willing to offer those experiences to be used for His glory?

2. Releasing your “stick” releases the power of God. God allowed your story because there are many that need to know there is hope.

3. Do you have a testimony of something only God could have done? That is one of your “sticks.” Are you willing to offer it to God to be used?

4. Can you still serve God after He gives you supernatural success? The snake turning back into a stick is the greatest part of Moses' story. Can you just be “natural” again after you have experienced success? (Church, reading your Bible, tithing, serving without recognition, integrity? Luke 12:48)

5. Your stick may be dried up because you haven’t been in His Presence in a long time. God wants His Word honored, righteous living, and your stick.

6. When was the last time you truly felt the Presence of God?

7. What if God truly uses you and blesses you? Can God trust you with greatness and extraordinary favor?


Final Thoughts:
Humble yourself before the mighty hand of God again, and He will exalt you and use you. He may allow you to go through seasons where you desperately need Him to see if you will cling to Him, or do things your own way. God wants you to dream again—and to trust Him and to seek Him with all your heart. God is looking for people He can use and people He can trust. Will you be one of those people? Will you release your “stick” and lay it down at the feet of Jesus? Will you bow before your God and offer Him any part of you He can use?


Be careful to remember that holiness matters. Clean living matters. Repentance matters. Humility and integrity matters. Give God your “stick” and watch to see what He does.

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