Sermon Notes

December 12, 2021

So What If They Don't Believe?

What if some do not believe what God has told you? What happens when you tell others about Jesus and they do not believe? Keep telling people and keep dreaming for your loved ones whether they accept your testimony or not. Keep telling others anyway, because God has told you to do it. Others have no control over what God has told you to do. Their unbelief will not cancel your promise for you OR for them.


Key Scripture
Romans 3:3-4; Exodus 14


Key Points
1. When you are in the will of God there will still be opposition. There will always be people that do not accept what you know to be true.

2. Don’t listen to lies. False accusations and trials, and even evil can come against you, but it cannot stop what God has told you. A real dream does not die when opposition comes. Man cannot kill that which God has given life.

3. Your dream is not dependent on someone else. Don’t be distracted by others’ talents and abilities and think they are your pathway. Don’t think your dream depends on the help of others. God is your door opener.

4. People are resources for your dream—God is your source. People will come and go but God will provide all you need. The dream is in you as is the promise. If you depend on people you will go from praying for them to preying on them for your needs. God is your source and He will provide all you need.


3 Questions to verify if your dream is from God

1. What is the origin of your dream? Identify the origin of your dream. Did it come from my imagination or from God? You only want God’s dream for your life.

2. What talents and resources do you have? God won’t give you a dream that you don’t have the talent or gift to do. Your gift will make room for you. You have to do an inventory of your talents and abilities. They will match God’s dream for your life. Don’t make the mistake Sarah made: impatience and wanting what others have.

3. Does your dream intimidate you? That's a good sign because He never intended for you to be able to do it without faith … Great Faith. Don’t be intimidated by anything God gives you to do. He will give you everything you need at every point in the journey. Where God guides, He provides.

a. Don’t let the smallness of your dream discourage you. Your seemingly small dream is a critical piece of God’s plan. There are no small dreams.

b. Don’t let the magnitude of your dream discourage you. If your dream has a giant in your way, remember you serve a giant-killer.


Final Thoughts
Are you ready for all that God has next for your life? Are you willing to believe God’s Word and His promises for your life even when what you see looks impossible? Are you willing to believe for your family’s salvation? Are you willing to place your dreams in Jesus’ hands and allow the Lord to work that dream out through you? Don’t be intimidated; you serve the King of Kings. You serve a MIGHTY God. So what if others don’t believe? That doesn’t change God’s promise or diminish it in any way.


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