Sermon Notes

April 18, 2021

Raise Your Voice

"No, you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to countless thousands of angels in a joyful gathering." —Hebrews 12:22


In this story in Deuteronomy 22, the city represents the church and the field represents the world. The attacker abuses both, but for those who are in the church—if they will speak up—there is help. It is a sin to be silent in the city when you are under attack. Many times, when we come under attack, our first instinct is to stay silent, to keep it to ourself, but we have to speak up and ask for help. If you are in the world, you are out there on your own, and it’s more difficult to overcome. The devil is not kind to his own and he will not be kind to you when you are in the world. Stay in the church. Stay near to the Lord.


Key Points

1. You won’t find what you need in the world. Purpose for living is not found in the world.

2. If you lift your voice in the city, there is help for you. The church was made for those whom are struggling and in need of help. Allow the church to be the church to you by asking for help when you need it. 

3. We can’t hide our struggle in the church. Do not put on plastic masks of deception and pretend everything is OK. If you are going through hell, that is the time to lift your voice and ask for help. If you stay silent, you might die needlessly.

4. If you will lift your voice in prayer and praise, all heaven will come to your aid. Jesus is a champion. We are His bride and there is a price to be paid by anyone who comes against His bride. But He doesn’t come unless you call for Him. You and your family are already spoken for by God.

5. We need a revival of the uplifted voice. We cannot live a life of secrets and private battles—we need to be real and lift our voice in times of need, temptation, and attack.

6. We need to pray in the spirit more and more. A spiritual battle requires a supernatural response. Study II Corinthians 14 for a scriptural reference to praying in tongues.

7. It’s possible to be in the Presence of the Lord and not receive your miracle. People in the Bible did not get their miracle until they cried out for Jesus.

8. Don’t allow pride to keep you from your miracle. Don’t wait until you are desperate to cry out for His help. Do it now.

9. When you feel you are going under, because of sin or the cares of this world, lift your voice in the church. Jesus is in the business of rescuing the perishing.

10. It’s time to lift our voice in prayer for our nation. We are beginning to sink into hatred and violence but there is a name we can cry out to and find peace and victory.

11. If you feel embarrassment over your situation, cry out even louder. If you are burdened about your child CRY OUT and let your prayer go up like incense.


Final Thoughts

We are guilty of silence when we should be lifting our voices and asking for help. If the enemy is attacking your family, your marriage, or your testimony you have to cry out for help. We cannot be silent and find help in the city. Cry out for help. We need a revival of the uplifted voice. If you feel attacked you cannot stay silent. Ask God for His help.


Don’t allow the intimidation of the devil or pride to keep you from your miracle. Decide today to NOT commit the sin of silence in the city. These are tough times—there are fights on every front. We are in the last days and this is war, on a national and local front and in our homes. You can cry or you can die. You need to become desperate before the Lord and cry out for help. If you are struggling with sin or depression hold on to Jesus. Cry out and allow Him to come to your rescue. You are not in the field where no one can hear you; you are in the city where there is help … but only if you cry out.


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