Pray Fast Vote (2)

September 16, 2016

In 1938 Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland penned these immortal words: The saddest epitaph which can be carved in memory of a vanished liberty is that it was lost because its possessors failed to stretch forth a saving hand while yet there was time.


These words are just as true in this century as they were in the last. Injustice is not a new concept, and oppression is not an invention of our modern day society.


Neither is sin. Neither is evil.


This is the most important election we have faced in modern history. The last four years we watched as the Supreme Court made several key decisions, much to the detriment of this great nation politically and socially. We watched Christian business owners and Catholic hospitals being sued for not providing services that are contrary to their core beliefs. More recently, courts have also mandated that a person can determine their own sex and which bathroom they use based on how they feel at any given moment.


In this next four-year cycle there is a window of opportunity to restore the rule of law and the dignity of the constitution based on seats that will need to be filled on the Supreme Court, starting with replacing Justice Scalia and then each subsequent retirement set to take place. 


Consider It

There is a Bible story in Judges 19:22-30 that isn’t preached often. It is the story of a Levite man who found his wife dead, clinging to the threshold of his house after being raped and beaten repeatedly by evil men, and left for dead. The husband’s grief turned to outrage at the depravity that had come to his nation. He determined that he had to take action...drastic action, and sent one piece of her body to each tribe of Israel saying, “Consider this, take counsel, and take action! This is what we have become!”


The nation considered it, unified and took counsel, and spoke up, taking action that changed the course of their history. As we look at the attack on religious freedom that has become so pervasive, we find the hands of Lady Liberty are on the threshold of the church.


These are hands of millions of unemployed Americans, the unborn, alcoholics and drug addicts, law abiding citizens living in cities with escalating crime rates, and the next generation facing an uncertain future. We stand today at what Franklin Graham refers to as “The intersection of history as we know it.”


Over the last 10 years, it has become fashionable to feel like we are ‘above it all’. We leave all that “government stuff” to the “government people.” Christian commentator James Robison puts it like this: “We must reject the thought that the spiritual is to be separated from the governmental. Transformed people transform the culture while standing up for what is right.”


Take Counsel

It’s time to unify. It’s time for Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Catholics, and anyone else that calls Jesus Christ their Savior and Lord to put down their arguments on where we differ and join forces on the issues we have in common. I’m talking about spiritual wickedness. I’m talking weapons that are not carnal, but are mighty through God.


There are no perfect candidates in any election; However as a Christian, we have to ask ourselves, which candidate aligns closest to what the Bible teaches about the sanctity of life, religious liberty, conservative Supreme Court Justices, and the support of Israel.


Speak Up

I say this with no hesitation: it’s time for the church to speak up and take a stand.  As America goes, the world goes. That is why I am asking the church to stand up and be counted…to let your prayers be heard in heaven, and your vote recorded on earth.


I am asking for three very specific calls to action:

  1. Pray as if the survival of our culture and this great nation depended on it
  2. Fast with us, and others all over the world, November 6th-8th
  3. Vote to make your voice known


The hands of a dying nation are on the threshold of the church. Consider it. Take counsel. Speak up… and slumber no more. There is still time. Every vote matters.