Pass It On

April 21, 2017

Family was God’s design from the beginning. Nowhere else in this life will you find greater fulfillment and love, than within the heart of your family. Family is worth pursuing and fighting for. At the end of the day, it’s one of our greatest gifts from above. And we see God working through families over and over throughout the Bible.


Do you know that your family wears a supernatural garment unique to you? You may not be able to see it hanging in your closet, but as sure as the air you breathe, you are wearing it. And it is vintage! Sewn by generations before you, it was designed by those who preceded you in the faith. It’s made from prayer, praise and their dedicated faithfulness.


The enemy will try to convince you that the holy garments of your ancestors are outdated and irrelevant, but that is far from true. We need to put on the garments of praise, holiness, purity, and supernatural anointing today more than ever before. Wear the garments of your faith, and wear them well. If you do, your children will, and their children after them! You will be empowered to walk out your full purpose and destiny—and then pass it onto your children.


The Bible says in Psalms 145:4, “One generation will praise unto another generation.”


The devil can’t have our families. He can’t have our homes. He can’t have our children. When we have the right garments on, no weapon formed against us will prosper. Put on the garment of praise, because the one that you wear is the one you’ll pass on. Put on the garment of faith, because it can be transferred from grandmother to mother to son and on and on and on. Put on the garment of special and supernatural anointing and miracles because it wears well in this generation. Put on the power of the Holy Spirit. If you wear it, your children will wear it. We can’t lose that garment.


God is so faithful through generations. For many, it is the dedication of parents, grandparents and great-grandparents that have got you where you are today. And for some who may be first-generation Christians, it is a beautiful example of His grace and commitment to save and make all things new!


God wants to anoint and consecrate entire families. Today, let us boldly proclaim our families belong to the Lord.


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