Sermon Notes

September 30, 2016

October Partner Letter

I write to you today about one of the most pivotal elections of the last 30 years. The events that are crucial to this election have always been dear to my heart; issues such as abortion, marriage and the family, first AND second amendment rights, religious liberty, and standing with our long and faithful ally Israel. But this year, more than any election I can remember, the need for Christians to make their voice known at the ballot box is critical.


As a people of faith, we have a long legacy of standing up for what we believe. But we have a more recent history of remaining quiet during times of social upheaval. Over the last 50 years the church has lived through some of the most dynamic culture shifts imaginable. We’ve watched our nation become subject to the rule of a handful of judges. The opinions of less than 1% of our population have literally reshaped the American landscape into a secular society. Consider the ground we’ve lost in recent years:


Prayer in schools: Rejected

The Ten Commandments: Rejected and removed from public places

The presence of a creator in science: Rejected and redacted

The Virgin birth: Impossible

A resurrection from the dead: Improbable and unscientific

Christmas vacation: Winter break

Easter vacation: Spring break

Christian prayer at graduation: Rejected and punishable

Sanctity of life: Rejected

Right and wrong: Relative

Parent notification of abortion: Rejected and illegal

Abstinence: Rejected and scoffed


In the last major election over four million Christians stayed home and did not vote. In those same four years, this country was changed dramatically by the Supreme Court of the United States of America and the policies created by people who do not share my values or the values of millions of Americans.


Marriage has been redefined, our government has embarrassed the Prime Minister of Israel, Catholic hospitals and Christian doctors were forced to administer care that is in direct conflict with their core values. We have watched private businesses sued for not toeing the line on social agendas. We have watched the innocent die at the hands of the corrupt while those at the highest levels of justice turn a blind eye.


I stand in my pulpit knowing I preach from a Bible that is being rejected by the media. With 80% or more of media’s journalists and commentators in support of liberal views, we face an uphill battle to hold Judaeo Christian Evangelical standards. The media elite seeks to minimize and eliminate our voice.


This brings me to the primary reason for this letter—your vote. We are bombarded with misinformation trying to sway us and marginalize our opinions. The media wants to make us think we are no longer relevant. But those voices can NEVER take away the one right you have, and that is your right to vote.


To not vote in THIS election will cost far more than you might imagine.


I have never told anyone from the pulpit to vote for a particular party or candidate. And I never will. But I will tell you to do your due diligence. I will tell you without apology, both as a private citizen and as a pastor, to cast your vote based on your values about the unborn, marriage, the family, religious freedom and our ability to believe as we wish and preach as the Bible dictates.


We need to vote for the candidate that will nominate judges and Supreme Court Justices who will defend the constitution, not attempt to re-write it. We need to vote for candidates who will support Israel as our most loyal ally and as a God-ordained mandate for any nation that desires the blessing of God.


I challenge Christians throughout our land to declare a season of prayer and fasting, and to do what so many men and women have died for in conflict after conflict—VOTE.  Make your prayers heard in heaven and your vote recorded on earth. Join me in three days of prayer and fasting, November 6-8, 2016, specifically for America, and for this pivotal presidential election.


I’ve written a short book, Pray Fast Vote, I believe every Christian citizen should read. It is a powerful call for the body of Christ to take a stand. Whether it’s on the topic of traditional family values, abortion, personal responsibility or presidential elections, it’s time to consider our position and unify as one voice. I’m challenging every reader of this book to connect with your own power and help lead us back to that place that is quickly being forgotten . . . ONE NATION UNDER GOD.


For your gift of any amount this month to support this ministry, I’ll send you my book FREE! Plus you can download a digital copy right now online. But your support is needed more than ever to help us keep sending this critical message to the nations. With your very best gift of just $30 or more, you can request my book PLUS a compelling 2-CD message set that will leave you empowered to make a difference and make your vote count.


In His Service,

Jentezen Franklin

One last thing: Please join with me this November and do what every responsible citizen should do.  Cast your vote for the candidates that best represent your values. Visit to JOIN THE FAST and receive a free download of my full-length book Pray Fast Vote.