Noisy Exits

October 7, 2016

The bible teaches that our weapons are not carnal, but spiritual, and that we fight a real battle against principalities of darkness. Those spiritual forces are hard at work right now pressuring the Church to be quiet, propagating a message that Christians need to shut up and stay in their place—within the four walls of church.


Who would have ever imagined the Pledge of Allegiance would be a controversy in America? Our enemy, the devil, would love nothing more than for us to stop sharing Jesus publicly, stay out of government, stay out of schools and do what we do secretly and quietly. But we better make a noisy exit!


Just like Paul refused to leave town quietly and unnoticed after they were set free from prison, we must not back down. We must make our case heard and champion the name of Jesus Christ until the very end. The end-times are not happening to us, we are happening to the end times! It’s essential that today’s Church understands the urgency of the time we’re in. It’s not time to back down and be ashamed of our Christian heritage and the faith we have. On the contrary, we’ve got to make it known! 


I just read a statistic that only 18% of Americans attend church. That means only 18 in 100 people you come in contact with go to church! If they’re not in a community of believers, there’s a good chance they don’t believe! If we’re not talking about our faith, if we’re not proclaiming God’s grace and mercy, if we’re not praying the sick be healed and prophesying God’s sovereignty in our nation, THEY’RE NOT HEARING IT!


It’s time for believers to stand unashamed and be heard. Will you? Pray this prayer today and refuse to be intimidated by the enemy any longer:


Lord, I will not let my voice be silenced. Give me boldness to speak Your word. Give me boldness to not be silent through the trials of life. Let me be a praiser, an intercessor, and lift my voice. I will not leave quietly. Help me to witness. Help me to be a personal witness for You. Help me to look for opportunities to brag about Jesus. I thank You for it. I praise You for it. Fill me, Lord, with Your Holy Spirit, you’re your boldness and power would go with me.