Sermon Notes

November 21, 2021

I Love My Master

Open doors signify new beginnings and opportunities. But they can also represent the door behind you. We may live for Christ, but there is always an open door behind you that allows you to leave at any time. Jesus has an open-door policy. He doesn’t make us do anything---we always have a choice. Doing the right thing is a choice. Giving is a choice. Remaining faithful is a choice. Even church attendance is a choice.


Key Scripture
Exodus 21:2-6; Revelation 3:7; Matthew 6:66; John 15:16; Acts 16:28

Key Points
1. The Bible is full of ifs. There is always an “if” in your life and in your faith. Every day you have you get up and make up your mind about who you will be and what you will do. There is always an open door and God will not require your love, but He desires it.

2. Don’t look for a way out. We have a tendency to struggle with the quitting points of life. These are times when things aren’t going well or when you have lost your motivation and your desire.

3. You have to love the truth. Do you? If you do, you will read His Word. You can’t say you love God’s word and never read it.

4. You have to get in a move of God. Gio is always moving, but are you moving with God or busy doing your own thing.

5. Staying is a choice. You are not a prisoner. You are free. If you stay you have to proclaim your faith regularly.

6. Marriage is a commitment but staying married is a choice. Our society testifies to the open door that exists. Choose to stay.

7. Where you go and what you do in life is a choice. Your feet can go anywhere you want to go because all doors are open. Choose wisely. Satan will show you pleasures aplenty—and the choice is yours.

8. If you leave, you can only take with you what you brought. Any family that you brought to Jesus stays. You can go but you go alone. Look through the door of decision and decide.

9. Decide to go public with your choice to serve Jesus. Make it known who you are and who you intend to be.

10. It’s all or nothing. If you do decide to follow Jesus---you cannot serve two masters. You must serve Jesus with your all.


Final Thoughts
There are doors all around you—and no choice is final unless you decide daily to do the right thing. Choose wisely. Don’t listen to your flesh, because it will always desire what is contrary to God’s will.


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